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Do you have a fisherman in your life? Then the CrabHawk is the perfect gift. The CrabHawk attaches easily to the end of any fishing pole, which makes it easy and convenient to use.

Give the CrabHawk to family, friends, co-workers, clients, and anyone who loves to fish. Even if they haven't crabbed before, the CrabHawk makes it easy and fun

Sold, all over the America's (including Canada & South America), England, Australia  and many other GREAT countries!

CrabHawk is an exciting way to catch crab and lobster for the whole family. 

We're looking forward to a GREAT New Year!  It's always time for a new gift - get yours TODAY!  If not for you, then someone you love!

The Crab Catcher that you can cast with a fishing pole....CrabHawk. Cast out further than normal Crab Traps, Crab Gear and Catch More Crab & Lobster. Crabbing fun for everyone! If you like crab fishing and lobster fishing, the CrabHawk is a MUST HAVE to go with the rest of your crabbing and lobster gear!  It's great for an RV, boats, kayaks and campers.

Clamhawk and Clamhawg are our newest products for razor clam digging and is sure to surpass the shovel or aluminum, pvc or other kind of clam guns being used today.  They will save you back and keep you coming back for dinner!  Clamhawk guns are light-weight and easy to use.


Reviews of the CrabHawk

--Newspaper articles written about the CrabHawk.

CrabHawk Down: New device can make hauling in the crustaceans easier.

NEWPORT - When it came to catching crabs, the guy using a fishing rod to cast a small rectangular contraption with a chicken drumstick affixed to it was running rings around the traditional crab rings and pots Gary Bowman of Eugene was using.

The first time the guy limited out while he caught only one crab, Bowman thought it was a fluke. The second time, Bowman decided to buy one of the CrabHawk contraptions the guy was using so he could try it himself.


WHERE THIS WEEK: You make the call. This week, the must-try is a gizmo called the CrabHawk fishing rod crab trap. With it, you're ready to go crabbing just about anywhere.

WHAT YOU NEED: One of these crab-catchers, made up of a long surfcasting rod and spinning reel rigged with hefty line (50-pound-test or heavier recommended), a chicken drumstick or other bait and a bucket for your catch.

Attach the trap to your line via the swivel that's included, bait the trap using the handy clip in the middle, cast it out, and you're crabbing.


Seattle Notebook: Gadget lets crabbers cast from shore with fishing rod
Dungeness crab are one of the best-tasting sea creatures in Puget Sound and Hood Canal, but usually the productive spots are only accessible by boat.

Now that has changed with an invention called the CrabHawk, which allows a shore-bound angler to crab while fishing at the same time. more>>

EVERETT The great part is that you keep a slight tension on your line, after tossing the trap out to the honey hole, and since the line, rod and reel are connected directly to the bait spike, any crab rattling the spike also twitches your line and rod tip. Voila! Crab on! Reel that critter in and get him into a cheddar melt sandwich, fast...



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Go crabbing with nothing but your fishing pole and a piece of chicken using the CrabHawk - the castable crab/lobster catcher! Crabbing from a kayak is fun for the whole family. Crabbing from coast to coast with a dip net, trot line or crab pot is not as fun or productive as crabbing with CrabHawk. We use and sell reusable zip ties and/or reusable cable ties. Blue Crab recipes, Dungeness Crab Recipes and the best crab recipes available.

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Check out the Clamhawk and Clamhawg razor Clam Digging guns, they are easy to use and easy on you back.  Clamhawk is the latest craze on the Oregon & Washington Beaches.  People who have seen them work are impression with how easy people use them....people who've tried them LOVE them and can't believe how quick and easy they work and the success you'll have.

There are many Lobster or Crab Traps designed for Crabbing but none compare to the CrabHawk Lobster and Crab Traps. The Crab Hawk is not offically a Crab Trap, so check your local Crabbing Regulations. With the CrabHawk you can cast your Crab Trap with your fishing pole and catch CRAB and LOBSTER. Get your Crab or Lobster Traps out to the deep waters, where you can Trap the Big Crab and Lobster. Crabbing has never been easier. Un-Crab Traps and Lobster Traps for the whole family. Go CRABBING with the Crab Hawk Crab Traps from a pier, a dock, a boat, a kayak, or from the shore. Affordable Crabbing castable Crab Catchers. The Crab Trap or Lobster Trap of choice for casting with a fishing pole. Not a Leg Snare or Crab Trap. You'll get more attention when you're CRABBING than you'll know how to handle.  Clamhawk is great for razor clam digging.

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