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The CrabHawk crab catcher has a stainless steel frame and axel covered with nylon netting and is perfect for casting from your rod & reel. It has an 60 pound test, monofilament harness with a heavy duty swivel.

3 reviews for Crab Hawk

  1. 1 out of 5


    I recently bought several of these Crabhawks instead of their competitor. I crab off the rocks in Barview Oregon at least once a month. The traps were bought at two separate Bi-Marts. All the Crabhawks fell apart after the first few casts. The metal connectors are allowing the netting to come lose on the sides. The first time I noticed this happening, I was hauling in a full trap and could feel it getting lighter as the trap got closer. I saw the last crab scuttle out the netting, while the trap was firmly closed, as I reeled it in close. Upon inspection I thought it was an anomaly. I pulled out the spare and put it on. After two casts, I felt a full trap grow empty while reeling it in. Upon inspection, the strings came loose. The same was as the first trap. I was done for the day after 30 minutes and no crab. I went back the next day with three new traps. Again a repeat of the day before. I tried fixing my self but the strings are to short to allow a quick fix. I would suggest saving your money and buying the other brand.

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      Awesome! Thank you!

  2. 5 out of 5


    The Crabhawk is our favorite tool to use when crabbing, we catch more crab in it than we do it a crap pot or ring! It is a lot of fun too. The Crabhawk is made of quality material. The store we usually go to buy them keeps running out so we ended up buying the Danielson brand and it is very crappy and cheap made, we had several break on us and will never buy that brand again! Crabhawk is the way to go!

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      Thank you……we strive to always be Made in America and to make our customers happy and successful in catching dinner!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Long time crabber here, I discovered the crabhawk about two years ago and have to stay these crabhawks are the most fun I’ve had crabbing in 35 plus years.

    What makes the crabhawk so fun for us is the fast action, cast out wait five minutes reel in, almost always have crab in the net.

    Thanks for making such a high quality product.

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